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Origin: Garmisch - Germany

Genre: Awakening  - Psytrance - Film

Years Active: 2011 - Present

Label: Alchemic Records

Official Websites:


Creating music to awaken the beauty of the own self in all of us. Spanning multiple genres, Claudio Sebastian Stalling aka Taslabs mainly focuses on Psytrance, instrumental arrangements for film, documentaries and meditative music.

Sound creation is highly influenced by nature and art, continually expanding the infinite possibilities by combining the unusual and unexpected.

Passionate about cinematic, open and wide sounds, the next frontier is combining mulit-sensory experiences with sound. Taslabs discovers and produces his music from a sound studio nestled in the quiet forests north of New York City.

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Taslabs - Envision

Available for download in uncompressed lossless FLAC files 1.411kbps and mp3.
Please contact directly to inquire about wav files.


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